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These handy Pandemic Quick Kits are designed for fast and inexpensive protection from Contagions when you or your family members have to leave your safe zone.

Simply discard the entire suit when you return to insure that no contaminants enter your home. Not meant for close continuous patient contact.



  • Coveralls w/Zipper
  • Adhesive tape to seal ankles/wrists
  • Shoe Covers
  • Hair Net
  • Goggles - splash-proof and anti-fogging
  • N95 Medical Respirator
  • Latex Gloves 2-pair
  • Bio-Hazard Disposal Bag
  • PAWS Antimicrobial Handwipes - 4


Just $11.50 each -   


Buy our inexpensive Pandemic Quick-Kits by the bulk and supply your family or even your entire neighborhood.

Doctors, Dentists and Medical Technicians wear these disposable Coveralls to protect their clothing from splash and bacteria.

We still recommend a complete Contagion Kit, but for fast, everyday use, these packs are inexpensive to store and convenient to use and discard.

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