Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Protection Apparel & Kits

pandemic protection with contagion survival kit

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inexpensive to store and convenient to use and dispose of, protect your entire family convenient mouthbit escape respirator keep a pocket-sized smoke escape hood in every desk of your company
Pandemic QuickKits

when you or your family members
have to leave your safe zone
Mouthbit Escape Respirator

for rapid escape from a hazardous industrial environment -
with Belt Clip & goggles
Smoke Escape Hood

we're the official North American distributor of this
inexpensive pocket-sized smoke hood
- fits children as well as adults

Radiation-Blocking "iOSAT" Potassium Iodide Tablets

  • iOSAT approved by the FDA in 1982
  • the only full-strength tablet for radiation blocking
Individual Contagion Kit for Pandemic Protection Family Contagion Kit for three
Individual Deluxe Contagion Kit
With Full-Face Respirator,
Multi-Contaminant Filters, Full Bio-Suit,
Gloves, Tapes, Sanitizers,
Plastic Sheeting and much more!
Family Deluxe Contagion Kit

Our IDCK times three means
enough full-face & body apparel
for your entire family

Individual Standard Contagion Kit

Includes Half-Mask Respirator,
Bio-Suit, Gloves, Sanitizers,
Goggles and more.
Family Standard Contagion Kit

Protection for three persons
with 3 Half-Mask Respirators
& 3 Bio-Suits

holiday pandemic gift box children's protective outfit Adult PPE

Emergency Lighting

Lanterns, Dynamo Flashlights & Radios, Lightsticks, Wall-mountable Rechargeable Flashlights & LED Super Road Flares

Pandemic Kit Boots

Complete Pandemic Kit
in a Box. Protection you need.
Contains Half-Face Respirator,
Rubber Boots, Bio-Suit & more!

Child's Protective Suit with Faceshield
Personal Protection for children
 has been difficult to procure until now.
Tyvek or Tuffguard suit, face shield and mask
and much more. Fits most children.
Adult Protection Suit

The essential healthcare worker suits
for Level II Protection in 3 sizes -
Tyvek, goggles, full coverage!

Accessories Page -

"an important stop to preparedness readiness"

Sickroom Refills - Find extra sets of Linens,
incontinence supplies, sanitary products
& disinfectants to resupply your Sickroom

Respirators & Filters

Chemical, Biological, Radiological PPE Suits

Caution Tape & Duct Tape

Sanitizers & Disinfectants

Gloves, Goggles, Personal Hygiene

Sampler Box:

2 Pandemic Quick Kits

1 Radio Dynamo Flashlight

1 Survival-in-a-Box Emergency Kit

1 Phone Charger with Window Smash

Whistle with Lanyard

call for prices: 866-305-1753

Sickroom Quarantine Disposables

Set up your Sickroom for High Risk Patients

A Prepper's must have!
You'll want the basic disposables to store when you need to create a quarantine sickroom including Linens, plastic sheeting, hygiene, incontinence, sanitation & more.

Perfect for all treatment options including
flu virus to Ebola.

Personal Protective Equipment - Multiples Kit

Ultimate coverage in Biological Emergencies

Comprehensive High Hazard Kit
for Healthcare Workers or families.

Complete coverage with Tyvek,
rubber boots, immersion bucket,
sanitizers and bleach.
The complete PPE suit times three!

  • Our respirator products filter Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear contaminants as well as smoke from fires.

  • Our full-face respirators have a wide field of vision, a talking diaphragm, and protect against ammonia, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide (escape only), formaldehyde, methylamine, sulfur dioxide or organic vapors; at least 99.97% efficient against all non oil and oil-based particulates (includes dusts, mists, fumes, asbestos and particulate radionuclides

  • We provide only the best N95 Disposable Respirators

  • Our professional bio-suits are three layers thick with hood and booties built-in, yet are comfortable to wear. Kleenguard suits resist penetration of blood, body fluids and blood-borne pathogens.

  • We include hand sanitizers and hand wipes that kill MRSA, HIV-1, E. Coli, VRE and Avian Flu A in 15 seconds.

  • Professional-grade black duffle bags by Everest contain everything you and your family might need.

  • Choose from economical kits for an individual or entire family, to our deluxe kits with full-face respirators, bio-bags, marker tape, duct tape and more. - Emergency Preparedness for Earthquakes and Disasters - Solar Powered Generators for Emergency Power Failures or simply recharging your phone - The newest skateboards from a safety company? You bet!

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